We provide a comprehensive system of natural healing. We combine herbal medicine, psychotherapy and energy medicine with technology. Naturopathy applies evidence based non-invasive approach to heal you professionally and wholistically.
You will experience safe, non toxic, natural and comprehensive health solutions that will not disrupt your daily life. We help with pain, stress, skin challenges, diabetes and general health.

Why do you need Naturopathic support ?

  • Do you want to know what your projected health could be for the next 1 year ?
  • Do you suffer from a recurring health problem ?
  • Do you experience unexplained stress ?
  • Do you feel fatigued ?
  • Do you or your loved ones have cancer ?

  • Do you feel foggy and cannot remember things ?
  • Do you have allergies ?
  • Do you get infections regularly ?
  • Do you have skin challenges ?
  • Do you want to know how to stay healthy ?
  • Do you want to look younger ?

Our Physician at Naturopathic Therapies Clinic are ever ready to help you.

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Wall of Trust

At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic, my clients are my greatest teachers of health and healing.

I learnt so much about of health and wellness from their healing journey.
Here we present some of their success stories on our Wall of Trust.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Saravanan ND | Naturopathic Physician | Naturopathic Therapies Clinic

I was suffering from thyroid challenges, ear pain and body pain and had goiter on my neck. My thyroid levels have improved. My neck is not as big as before. My Body pain has improved; I am more active now. I’m feeling better and active. I’m still continuing with the supplements. I’m happy with the improvement and I will refer others to Centre of Integrated Medicine to consult Dr Saravanan.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD

Sardammal w/o Devadas Daniel Stirling Road
I had stress and skin problem. After consulting Dr Saravanan Ganesan and taking the medicine given by him, the stress level has come down and skin appearance has improved lot, in fact I can say that it was cured.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
C Sittaramane Taman Ho Swee
Persistent cough for a long months. Based on Dr Velu’s herbal treatment it was cured within the week.
I rate the service at the clinic as: GOOD
My Challenges:
I had problem/issues with my husband. It was going on for one year. I felt helpless, hopeless and stuck. I felt that the only way to change things was to get out of the marriage.
After a constellation session with Dr Saravanan. The change happened immediately. My husband became nicer and less stubborn, I did too. It changes the whole dynamics of our relationship. Our relationship was becoming better by the day. I was being more receptive to his changed behaviors. He could see the changes in my behavior and he decided to make an appointment for himself too. I was able to let go of the past and carry on with our marriage happily. I was not consistently happy; we took small steps that got better every day. His reaction towards me was not so angry anymore when I brought up the past. He is more patient and kind. He became more loving.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
Tania. Australia
Back pain which sometime lead to numbness and sharp pain on my left leg. I was facing this problem since the year 2007.
With Dr. Saravanan’s care, I am able to walk well now. No more pain killers and physio. I really feel like I have gained my life back. With Dr Saravanan’s advice and guidance on my food intake has really benefited me.
I rate the service at the clinic as VERY GOOD.
Vimala Ganesan, KKH, Jurong West St 92