At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic we are focused on managing Body, Mind and Food.
We help with challenges like pain, digestive disorders, skin challenges, cancers and stress.

We use evidence based application of Safe & Natural holistic therapies to help prevent and heal chronic health challenges. Patients actually thrive and experience improvement in their physical, mental and emotional health. The quality of their life improves significantly.

You could be under going treatment on western medicine and treatments for your existing challenges. Naturopathy and its solutions can be administered safely under supervision and professional care.

Our 3 month health management support play a supportive role and potentially helping clients to overcome their challenges completely.

The steps to 3 Month Health Management involves:

  • Personal Health Assessment – A naturopathic consultation to understand your health challenges with any medical tests records from your doctors.
  • Nutrition Consultation – It starts with an Allergy Profiling. This is useful to eliminate food allergies. We will help you develop your diet plan from this information to help you eat foods that are beneficial for you. You would also be supported to eat a variety of food that will benefit you. Eating healthy to increase survival rate.
  • Stress Management – On numerous occasions, our emotions and stresses affect our health and wellness. We use Systemic Family Constellation, Hypnosis, EFT and Angle card reading.
  • Detox – Removing toxins from body safely and promote your ability to heal quickly.
  • Drinking Kangen Water – Tap waters are generally clean but are they safe? We support the elimination of toxins, increase oxygenation, and alkalisation of your body with structured water. Kangen is the only medically approved filtration system from Japan that is supported by 6500 doctors. By drinking Kangen water we naturally balance acid and alkaline imbalance in our body. By doing this we eliminate all forms of inflammation. As inflammation is the leading cause of sickness, by reducing any potential for inflammation, we prevent chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, hormonal dysfunction etc.

Pain Management

We professionally apply pressure therapy and body balancing to manage pain. The non invasive gentle therapy helps people with pain, arthritis, numbness, circulatory problem, edema and more. A session would lasts for about an hour. It involves 30 minutes of body therapy and 30 minutes of energy balance.

Energy Balance

We provide energy therapy for energy balance. A body that is energetically balanced experiences the road to wellness immediately. Energy in harmony for body harmony. Balance all your major glands through BioFINity colour therapy and Energy Balance therapy.