About Us

At the Naturopathic Therapies Clinic we professionally apply scientific approaches to medicine and holistic medicine and therapies to help manage all your physical health needs.

We also provide Holistic Stress Management Therapies to manage all your stress in a busy fast paced Singapore.

Saravanan is the Chief Naturopathic Physician. He is a professionally trained and qualified Naturopathic Physician from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia. Saravanan has also professionally qualified as a Nutritionist from the same institute.

He has also received further training in the US, Canada, India, Japan and Indonesia in Siddha medicine, Suk Jok Therapy, and Sports Therapies.

Saravanan is a psychotherapist. He is trained in Systemic Family Constellation Therapy. He is trained by world’s leading Systemic Constellation therapist like Dr. Bert Hellinger, Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Dr. Chrish Walsh, Dr. Stephan Husaner, and others.

Saravanan is also a LifeLine Therapy practitioner. He is trained by Dr. Darren Wiseman. Dr Darren is the originator of the LifeLine technique.

Saravanan is a National Hypnotist Guild Board (US) certified Master Hypnotherapist. He practices the 5 Path Hypnosis and he is also a certified teacher of 7th Path Self Hypnosis.

Saravanan is also a Reiki Master and teacher. He holds his mastership in Usui and Tera Mai Reiki. He was iniated by Master Jeyabalan (Malaysia) and Master Lee Anne Hayes (Australia).

Saravanan’s passion in energy medicine and technology has inspired and empowered him to invent very specific energy tools. He calls it BioFINity. BioFINity is a very specific scientific application of quantum physics applications. Saravanan has applied BioFINity in his light therapy machine. A picture of his invention BioFINity Chromotherapy Machine is shown below.