Health Management Program

At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic we are  focused on managing pain and skin challenges. We use strategic application of Safe & Natural holistic therapies to help prevent and heal chronic pain and skin challenges. Patients actually thrive and experience improvement in their quality of life.

You could be under going treatment on western medicine and treatments. Naturopathy and its solutions are safe when supervised and supported with professional care.

Our 3 month health management support play a supportive role and potentially helping clients to overcome their challenges completely.

The steps to 3 Month Health Management involves:

  • T-Cell regulation (Promoting immunity and naturally improving immune system)
  • Detox (Removing toxins from body safely)
  • Vitality Diet Program (Eating healthy to increase survival rate)
  • Drinking Kangen Water (Eliminating toxins, increasing oxygenation, and alkalizing your body. By drinking Kangen water we eliminate all forms of inflammation.)
  • Stress Management (Systemic Family Constellation, Life-Line therapy, EFT and Angle card reading)

Water is Elixir of Life. It Saves Life!

Yes! as Naturopathic Physician, I strongly recommend Kangen Water.

My family and I have experienced significant improvements to our health after drinking Kangen water.

My clients are  drinking Kangen water at my clinic. When they drink Kangen water they heal quickly from their health issues. Kangen water has benefited people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, pain, constipation, weight challenges, skin diseases, headaches, insomnia, cancer and more.

Kangen water is Ionized, Micro clustered, Alkalized and Hydrates our body. Kangen water is safe for  drinking for all ages and with any health challenges. I strongly endorse Enagic’s Kangen water system and welcome you to experience Kangen water. Do yourself a great favour, drink Kangen water now.