“My mum had a stroke which affected her right side and some memory problem
Well when I came to consult Doctor Saravanan, he gave her some medicines and a very good diet guideline on her food, It really worked on her. Today she is back to normal life and walking around at the age of 84. It’s a relief that she recover from the stroke.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD”
S Panchawarnam, Serangoon North
I was suffering from thyroid challenges, ear pain and body pain and had goiter on my neck. My thyroid levels have improved. My neck is not as big as before. My Body pain has improved; I am more active now. I’m feeling better and active. I’m still continuing with the supplements. I’m happy with the improvement and I will refer others to Centre of Integrated Medicine to consult Dr Saravanan.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
Sardammal w/o Devadas Daniel Stirling Road
” I have been suffering arthritis in my hand and feet. My walking and movement is kind of restricted and my walking is stiff and robotic like. Every day I felt sleepy and tired.
Now after taking Dr Saravanan’s medicine and treatment, I felt energetic and wholesome. I have better mobility and less pain.”
Catherine Goh, Orange Tree, Redhill
I had stress and skin problem. After consulting Dr Saravanan Ganesan and taking the medicine given by him, the stress level has come down and skin appearance has improved lot, in fact I can say that it was cured.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
C Sittaramane Taman Ho Swee
” I have never had any energetic healing before and was a little skeptic to it. One day I was lying down at school, tired and feeling as though I could not see the end of the tunnel. Thoughts were driving me mad and I was having difficulty sleeping at night and going back to sleep. Saravanan suggested some balancing was needed and thats exactly what I was feeling…..out of balance! So he did what he had to do in a distracting environment which probably made it all a lot harder BUT I noticed I could feel waves so “energy” flowing down my body towards my feet which is exactly where it needed to go as I don’t work well when are contained in my head i am a very grounded person. I’ve also been having difficulties with my shoulder
That night I slept like a child and haven’t had a problem since! As well my shoulder has been feeling a lot better, I will be needing more work done in this area but as for feeling balanced again I could not believe how ” Normal” I felt afterwards and since.
Winona Stephens, Naturopath, Sydney
My Challenges: I had problem/issues with my husband. It was going on for the one year. I felt helpless, hopeless and stuck. In felt that the only way to change things was to get out of the marriage.
After a constellation session with Dr Saravanan. The change happened immediately. My husband became nicer and less stubborn, I did too. It changes the whole dynamics of our relationship. Our relationship was becoming better by the day. I was being more receptive to his changed behaviors. He could see the changes in my behavior and he decided to make an appointment for himself too. I was able to let go of the past and carry on with our marriage happily. It was not consistently happy; we took small steps that got better every day. His reaction towards me was not so angry anymore when I brought up the past. He is more patient and kind. He became more loving.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
Tania, Australia
” Back pain which sometime lead to numbness and sharp pain on my left leg. I was facing this problem since the year 2007.
With Dr. Saravanan’s care, I am able to walk well now. No more pain killers and physio. I really feel like I have gained my life back. With Dr Saravanan’s advice and guidance on my food intake has really benefited me.
I rate the service at the clinic as VERY GOOD.”
Vimala d/o Ganesan KK Hospital, Jurong West St 91
Persistent cough for a long months, Based on Dr Velu’s herbal treatment it was cured within the week.
I rate the service at the clinic as: GOOD
” Feeling very weak and tired at work place. Almost every day, I suffer headache. Dr. Saravanan recommend Sangev power oil which relief my headache. He also recommend Sangev Yogi oil. Due to workplace stress and pressure, did not have enough rest. Thanks to Dr Saravanan, I sleep very well and relief from my body ache.”
Karthik Rudra, Singapore Prison Services, Woodlands

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1. Chronic Migraine
2. Emotional (not Balance)
3. Detoxification
How I have Benefited:
Doctor Saravanan prescribed me, Some herbal medications, such as Sangev Yogi oil, Agasthiyar Sooranam, Detox Pill and Sangev Detox oil.
The diet list that doctor gave me helped me recover faster. I shed extra pounds and I felt great. Furthermore, the medications gave me no side effects.
Doctor Saravanan has a counseling method known as Systemic Family Constellation. It helped me overcome my emotional challenges and understand my problems better. Thank you Doctor Saravanan.”
Vinodhini d/o Kalai Kannaa, East Shore Hospital, Woodlands
“Before I went to consult Dr Saravanan, I went through a tragedy of losing my father, mother and two brothers from 2003 to 2007 within 4 years. Before recovering from shock of losing the love ones. My two brothers and sisters fight over family property and an ugly scene. I found myself losing health and deeply angry with them unrighteous behavior. However, I did turn to religion but I realize I am too late until I found Dr Saravanan.
I was searching back for My Health. I thought herbal medicine will be good for me. Luckily I turn up at Dr Saravanan’s clinic, a helpless vatic lady. But with His help mentoring me emotionally thru Systemic Family Constellation therapy and his herbal remedies, I am now on the road to recovering. I feel so much better, healthy both spiritually and mentally. Now I am looking forward to do good in my real estate business and busy mentoring those who need my help.

Catherine Goh, Propnex, Redhill Lane
” Firstly thank you Saravanan! I felt very comfortable, you explained everything well. During the session I could feel energy shifting around. By the end of the session I felt much clearer, I felt more comfortable in my body, the tension I am used to feeling had disappeared. I felt much lighter, and very happy, I didn’t stop smiling all the way home.
Later that evening I felt quite open and vulnerable, which was scary.I ended up crying later, this felt good though.
I really appreciated your suggestions and comments.
Thank you again Lots of love”
Patricia Ware Adelaide, Australia
“I suffered from Osteoarthritis on both knees. Painful and swollen.
After consulting and taking Dr, Saravanan’s remedies, the pain and swollening was reduced within one week. Although there was occasional pain due to the constant joints rubbing against each other, the medication that was prescribed to me worked well.
Dr. Saravanan is excellent and professional. He also counseled on my emotional stress and impact and why my knees are acting up. It helped to relief the energy that is blocked around my knees.
Many thanks for the wonderful consultation and help.”
Kang Chin Ling, Adestra Learning, Marine Terrace
” I went for a minor surgery. But end up with some blood clots at my heart.
When I came to Doctor Saravanan I was having a lot of problem in my body. My leg was swollen and had back problems. Ever since I came to him and had treatment I slowly recover. I came for the stato electro therapy regularly which help in speedy recovery and the most important was my diet. Today I am able to do thing better and my health is in a very good condition. Thank to Doctor Saravanan. I rate the service at the clinic as : Very Good “
Komaram Ramayah, National Library Board, Serangoon North Ave 3
” I had Eczema condition that got worse, with liquid coming out from my skin. Bad itchiness.
After following the doctor’s advice, and making changes to my diet. I have since seen drastic improvement. Within four months, my condition has improved and I feel like I am back to my old self. Thank You for your help, Concern and love.”
Raseena, NTU, Toh Guan Rd
In December 2004, following an exhausting hike in the Malaysian jungles, I got a very bad Lymphangitis and Lymphadenitis (lymphatic system infection) caused by an infected leach bite. Antibiotics and other “western” medicine that I was taking to kill the infection and to seize the fever were not working too well.
Luckily, I went to see Saravanan who prescribed me a natural ointment as well as homeopathic tincture that made a miraculous contribution towards my quick recovery. I am also thankful to Saravanan for his nutritional advice, and nutritional supplements recommended, and, above all, his kind and loving care.
I strongly recommend Saravanan to anyone who has any medical or psychological problems that need to be resolved.”
Dennis B, Dentist Sydney, Australia
” I had my osteo arthritis attack early this year, which affected my mobility and temporarily disabled me. It detained me from going to work and I had to be on 6 months unpaid leave to relieve a severe flare-up. I’m a working mother with three teenage children to support. My financial commitments were all pending and I was in dilemma. I was advised by my doctor from NUH Hospital that to consider for both my knees arthroscopy and which the cost was $15,000/-. Nevertheless, I consulted other patients who had gone thru the operation. Their testimonial was devastating as there is no remedy even after the operation.
“How to prevent the operation and the drugs (which has adverse side effect.)”
I met Mr. Saravanan (Naturopathic Physician) from Centre of Integrated Medicine. He follow-up with treatment, therapy and herbal medicine. I was treated with Bio L.I.F.E. System Scan and therapy which was amazing. Since I was on medical leave I was able to visit his clinic everyday for treatment. I followed his advice strictly, abandoning the red meat/fish and other toxic food. Being a vegetarian, I managed to recover with-in 6 months without an operation. Now I am back to work, thanks to Dr Saravanan. I am glad to have met Dr. Saravanan and I recommending my friends/relations/colleagues, to consult him for their problems.
Dhanalakshmi, Tanaka, Bukit Batok